**QML Pathology is pleased to announce RACGP approval of the Dysglycaemic States and Diabetes Mellitus Audit.**

The Dysglycaemic States and Diabetes Mellitus Audit provides the following key benefits:

  • Identify patients with dysglycaemic states
  • Evaluate how well your diabetes mellitus patients are controlling their diabetes
  • Patient management tool
  • Aligned with the Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care and PIP incentives
  • RACGP approved
  • No special pathology request forms

*Relies on patients presenting to QML Pathology for testing.

Features of the Audit

In the month following registration in the Dysglycaemic States and Diabetes Mellitus audit, doctors will receive via email or Medway an initial report containing 3 months retrospective patient data to establish a baseline as a reference position.

A follow up snapshot report will be supplied to the doctor via email at three and six months.

In addition to the above audit reports, doctors will receive an itemised list, in hardcopy, of those patients who have shown abnormal results for dysglycaemic states and who have not presented to QML Pathology for further testing. (If all patients have present for testing within the reporting period, then doctors will not receive an itemised list.)

A diabetes summary report will also be provided for individual patients registering an elevated glucose level. This will be available through your usual result delivery mechanism.

The final audit report will provide an overall summary and be accompanied by a formal audit evaluation report which will require completion by doctors in order to attain their college approved points*.


Dr Smith registers for audit in January 2017 

  • February: Baseline report (Nov, Dec, Jan data), Itemised list of non-presenting patients with impaired glucose*
  • May: 3-month snapshot report (Feb, Mar, Apr data), Itemised list of non-presenting patients with impaired glucose*
  • August: 3-month snapshot report (May, Jun, Jul data), Itemised list of non-presenting patients with impaired glucose*, Final cumulative report for audit period (November 2016 - July 2017 data), Evaluation 
  • September: Upload points to college upon completion of audit requirements.

* No itemised report if non-presenting patients = 0 during reporting period.

Request Forms

There is no special pathology request form required for this audit - doctors can continue to utilise their preferred QML Pathology request form.

Any relevant test request submitted via a QML Pathology request form will be automatically added to the audit data. Patients can present at any of our conveniently located approved collection centres. Please see our website qml.com.au for the most up to date listings.

Please note - Patient figures and statistics included in the reporting can only reflect those patients who have been referred and presented for testing at QML Pathology. Gestational diabetes is excluded from this audit.


Registrations have opened for the 2017-19 triennium.  

Doctors who would like to register for the Dysglycaemic States and Diabets Mellitus Audit can download the audit registration form from the Dr Publications section of this page.  


Eligible general practitioners may attain the following by participating in the QML Pathology Dysglycaemic States and Diabetes Mellitus Audit:

  • RACGP QI&CPD: 40 Category 1 QI points (Activity Number: 78243)
  • ACRRM: 30 PRPD points* 
  • (*Subject to ACRRM approval)

After participants appropriately complete all the required elements of the audit including the audit evaluation, the QML Pathology Education Team will upload successful doctors to RACGP/ACRRM for approval. Once approved by respective colleges, doctors will receive a certificate of completion for their reference.

QML Pathology has developed a range of supporting doctor and patient brochures which explain pathology testing for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. These can be found on the right hand side bar of this page.  Please speak with your MLO if you would like to receive hardcopies.