Senior Medical Team


Dr Kerry DeVoss  FRCPA

Pathologist in Charge - Endocrinology

Phone: (07) 3121 4412
Laboratory: Central (Murarrie)
Lab Phone: (07) 3121 4444

  • 1973 - Graduated from The University of Queensland 
  • Trained in chemical pathology at Royal Brisbane Hospital
  • 1973 - Became Resident Medical Officer, then served as a Registrar from 1975-1979
  • After a period working in central Queensland, joined QML Pathology as Pathologist in Charge of the Redcliffe Laboratory
  • Later moved to the central Brisbane Laboratory and became Pathologist in Charge of Biochemistry
  • Over the past twelve years he has also acted in the role of Visiting Pathologist, supervising the operation of the Gladstone (1985-1993) and Darwin (1993-1996) Laboratories
  • Dr DeVoss is currently the Chemical Pathologist in Charge of the Radio Isotopes/Endocrinology Department - measuring hormones and tumour markers, and undertaking antenatal Downs Syndrome risk assessment

Special Interests: fertility, thyroid disease, graphical reporting systems, 3D modelling of populations and disease, automation systems