Company History

One of Queensland's largest providers of private pathology services, QML Pathology's story is one of vision, hard work, persistence and innovation.

In the 1920s, founders of QML Pathology, Dr Noel Gutteridge and Dr James Duhig independently established pathology practices in Brisbane. In doing this they forged strong reputations as pioneers of private pathology, providing Brisbane and parts of regional Queensland with the first service of this kind.

These private practices were passed on to their sons Bruce Gutteridge and Robert and James Duhig. In 1974, the practices of Bruce Gutteridge and Robert Duhig amalgamated under the name of Queensland Medical Laboratory (QML). The growth of QML continued throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales, becoming a major private pathology provider in the region. Later joined by other pathologists in partnership, the company continued to innovate, integrating the most sophisticated technology available at the time.

In 1999 QML was renamed QML Pathology and continues to uphold the values instilled by its founders over 90 years ago.