Therapeutic Venesection Service

QML Pathology offer Therapeutic Venesection clinics at our North Lakes, Capalaba and Wesley collection centres.
We have offered this service for over 30 years as part of our commitment to support you and your patients.

There is an annual fee which ensures we can continue to deliver this much-needed service and allows us to offer your Venesection patients comprehensive support and peace of mind.

Annual Service Fee

Private $150 **
Concessional* $75 **

Your patient will require a new referral every 12 months for ongoing Therapeutic Venesection. 
When your patient presents at the Venesection clinic with their new referral they will be required to pay the annual fee by credit card or debit card on site before their Venesection.
Please provide a copy of the Therapeutic Venesection registration form to your patient with their next referral.
This form can be downloaded below, or ordered through your Medical Liaison Officer. 
* Concession rates will apply to all patients over the age of 65 and under the age of 18. DVA card holders will also eligible for concession rates.
**Prices, where displayed, are subject to change without notice.