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QML Pathology is the largest occupational pathology and employee health testing company in Queensland.

QML Pathology has the experience, personnel and resources to provide the best possible services and equipment that your company requires.

Our Services include

  • Instant Drug Screen kits
  • Testing for synthetic cannabinoids
  • Pre-employment health screening
  • Expert consultation services from qualified scientific staff and pathologists
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Workplace Health & Safety Screening
  • Provision of qualified personnel to provide on-site Drug and Alcohol Screening or pathology collections
  • Provision of all required Drug Screening paperwork conforming to Australian Standards AS4308 (urine) and AS4760 (saliva)
  • Supply of pre formatted request stationary personalised for your company
  • Access to online results via our exclusive Medway website. We also offer a choice of electronic, printed or faxed results.
  • The largest pathology courier network in Australia, ensuring reliable and timely specimen delivery

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