Temporary COVID-19 Clinic Closures


Coronavirus Information

Fast and Convenient support for medical practitioners offering consultations for COVID-19.
STEP 1: Practitioner downloads Interactive Request Order Form (below) to computer desktop or device.
Note: If performing face-to-face consultation, give patient completed hard copy request form and direct patient to attend a COVID-19 testing location - see location list below.
STEP 2: Practitioner opens form in Adobe Reader, completes form, saves and sends to patient.
STEP 3: Patient must PRINT completed request form and attend dedicated COVID-19 testing location - see list below.

STEP 4: If patient does not have access to a printer,

  • Surgery can fax request form to (07) 3121 4155, indicating which COVID-19 testing location the patient will attend

  • Surgery can email request form to the email address listed for COVID-19 testing location the patient will attend - see location list below.
1: If there is a request for COVID-19 test along with a blood test, for e.g. Full Blood Count, then patient should attend a dedicated COVID-19 collection centre for both blood test and COVID-19  swab collection.
2: Please be aware that patients without a valid Medicare card will incur an out of pocket fee.

A request form is required from your doctor for COVID-19 testing.
Children of all ages can be tested at our drive-through clinics.
Before attending a drive-through please read the Drive-through Swab Collection patient information.
Click here or see below for a list of dedicated COVID-19 testing locations.